Structures: What Are Framed And Load Bearing Structures?

what are load bearing structures

On this post i am going to talk about the basic difference between a load bearing structure and a framed structure. I felt the need to do this because i have seen a lot of load bearing structures designed in places where a framed structure would have been the better option.

What is a Load Bearing Structure?

A Load bearing structure is best described as any structure in which walls bears all loads resting upon it. The wall also does the job of transferring these loads which include all live and dead loads imposed on the building to the foundation.

Picture 1 Showing a load bearing wall

Where are Load Bearing Structures Applicable?

Load Bearing walls are usually applicable for low height buildings.
Load bearing walls are also on low height buildings constructured on soils with a good bearing capacity.
load bearing walls are usually good for buildings not exceeding 2 storeys
load bearing structures are safe if the soil bearing capacity of 100KN/M

What Are Framed Structures

A Framed structure is one in which structural members such as columns, Beams, slabs etc are first cast monolithically before the main walls are installed. The structural members have their basic skeleton made of reinforced concrete or steel members designed for the purpose of transferring all loads both dead and live to the foundation or ground.

Picture 2 Showing a framed structure

When Should I Design For framed structure?

A Framed structure is usually applicable where high rise buildings are constructed
Complex structures such as malls, religious buildings also deserves to be designed as framed structures.
A Structure should be designed as framed if the soil bearing capacity is below 100KN/m

Differences between Framed and Load bearing Structures

One of the difference between a framed and load bearing structures Includes:

1. A framed structure is usually more stable than a load bearing structure.
2. The main element on a load beading structure is just the wall
3. On a load bearing structure, the walls carries the load while the beams, columns does that for framed structures
4. Load bearing structures are usually donee where the building does not exceed 2 floors but framed structure is a must where more than 2 stories are to be constructed.

5. When soil bearing capacity falls below 100KN/M, Framed structure is to be adopted but if the soil bearing capacity is upto 100KN/M Or above it, load bearing structures is considered safe.

6. Framed structures has all its members castest monolithically (Picture 2 above) unlike the load bearing walls where sandcrete blocks are first introduced as we have in Picture 1 above

Now that is all you need to know regarding the question “what are framed and load bearing Structures” I have other interesting topics cooking somewhere. These would be here soon so i’ll advise you keep a date with us.
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