10 Advantages Of Using Aluminum Roofing Sheets For Your Roof

Once again on Building Contractor Secrets, I have come to enlist the various advantages of Aluminum Roofing sheets Over all other types of roofing sheets in Use Today. I am making this in order to open your eyes,Yes you clients that always feel Your Building Contractor is out to cheat You when he recommends aluminum roofing sheets instead Of The One You have in mind.

What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Roofing Sheets Over Other Roofing Materials?

1. Aluminum is highly Malleable.

This is one quality of aluminum that makes it stand out over other roofing sheets like asbestos and step tiles. Aluminum can be bent to any shape you desire. This makes it the exceptional Roofing materials for your home.

2. Variety Of Colors Adds To The Beauty Of Your Home.

Have you ever come across a green colored aluminum roof? How does it look like? Pretty isn’t it? That is one thing you;ll always admire about aluminum roofing sheets. They can be manufactured to suit your choice of color.

3. Aluminum Is Aesthetically Pleasing.

Yes! Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is a common saying when talking about ladies, But may i say that a pretty building is as good as a woman too? Of Course yes. Aluminum is usually of different colors. These colors are so many, You can choose the one that beautifies your home the more or matches the color of the paintinf on your wall.

4. Installation Is Very Easy

Unlike other roofs that require a great depth of technicality and experience, Aluminum roofing sheets are so easy to install. All You have to do is cut to roof trusses and fasten with nails at 1200mm centers and that’s it.

5. Disassembly Is Easy

Made a mistake during the installation? Just remove the nail and refix the sheet again. Thats how easy it is with aluminum sheets.

6. It Has a High Scrap Value

Just in case you intend to change your roofing sheets or probably finds the faded colors too old and needs a change with the trending colors, all you need is remove the old sheets from the top of the roof and resell to those that would use it for other things. Do Not worry, they will pay well for it.

7. It Is Not Corrosive

another advantage of aluminum roofing sheets is that unlike Asbestors which is one roofing sheets that has been known to lead to poisoning especially when water flowing from it during rainfalls is captured for drinking. This is not the case with aluminum though. In cities with less rainfall and deeper Aquifer or water table, water from the roofs (Aluminum Roof) can be captures, stored and reuse in times of scarcity.

8. Aluminum is usually Long lasting.

Because Aluminum sheets has a no corrosive ability,it lasts longer than other roofing sheets since the weather has no effect on it.

9. Leakages Are Never There

Unlike Zinc, Aluminum sheets are usually strong enough to withstand hammering during installation. This means it takes the intervention of nails to bring it to leakage. Thus, When you have aluminum roofing sheets covering your roof, you worry no more for leakages.


Due to shortage of tap water, A lot of Nigerians drink rainwater dropped from the roof. For an asbestos roof , study has shown that drinking water from it may cause cancer And for common zinc, it easily corrodes and particles from it also goes a long with the fetched water.But this is not so with aluminium because of it clean nature.

Other interesting facts that makes aluminum roofing sheets the best for your roof is that 
it is a light material
its is clean and leaves a clean impression for your roof
it is rolled like tissues in the factory, so it fits perfectly right when you measure according to the dimensions of your buiding.

Here are the advantages of Aluminum Roofing sheets over all other type of roofing sheets. I hope you enjoyed reading this?

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  1. I have read all of your terms and what were you saying about metal roof I just want to inform, Last year we purchased a metal roof from Construction Agencies and put in our house. No doubt the metal roof noisy and expensive, but after these effects it is reliable and have a 30 year guarantee then other roofs we are much satisfied about our decision.

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