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Hello everyone. Today on guardianconstructions i want to talk about how long it takes to completely build a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria. I decided to talk about this because a lot of readers have been asking questions in that area and as usual my answers has always been direct since i have nothing to hide.

Truth is that in construction of buildings, the rate at which your work goes is highly dependent on 2 main factors. These i’ll quickly explain before the main article

Factors that Determine How Fast Your Work Is Done

1. Money in The bank
For someone with a lot of cash to spend, you may just wake up one day to discover his empty plot of land close to yours has been transformed into a huge mansion. Back then when i was younger, i’ll wonder if he bought the mansion and then just came to plant it on the empty space, but now i know its all about cash.

2. Workers That Really Know What their Job Is
The willingness of the workers to work relentlessly is another factor that determines how long it takes to accomplish your work. Do you know there are workers that would rather spend their day gisting and playing, smoking and talking trash while the day goes?

They are usually workers paid on a daily basis. This is one reason why i love it when a project is awarded on contract basis. On contract basis, the contractor only pays the busy man for what he is able to achieve on site.

Now lets get down to business…


I would like to discuss this topic based on the different stages of construction. As i mention each stage, i’ll mention the number of days required for such a stage.

Now lets make it clear that assuming you already got your Architectural Drawings, Approved at the town planning authority, you’ve paid the development levy to the presiding local government Chairman in the area, here are the steps to follow.

1. Clearing Of The Site

Clearing of site for 3 Bedroom Flat usually takes less than a day since the piece of land is may not even be up to a plot (100 x 100 or 100 x 50). Therefore, for site clearing, lets just assume it takes 1 day.

As for me, when i see the nature of the project, i may clear as well as excavate foundation the same day. All i have to do is ensure the man clearing the site gets there before 7 am. By 9, he should be through and after that, i mark out the foundation.

Excavation of foundation is the next thing that follows after clearing the site and disposing of rubbish. Since its a 3 bedroom flat, Excavation may take a few hours if you have a good number of labourers on site. The excavation and casting of foundation concrete can take place the same day since the project is not that huge.

Note:The agreed cost of excavation must be well recorded since its not the same as the cost of casting.

The cost of excavating foundation is always calculated per partition (10 foot long trench). It is usually prized from N700 – N1200 depending on the area you are

After the Excavation of Foundation, maintenance, the next thing is the Casting or pouring of foundation concrete. This means Granite, Cement, sand and water mixed in the right proportion has to be introduced to the trench (Excavated Lines). The casting is made to provide a firm platform on which the walls of the 3 bedroom flat rests.

Like i said, this can take place just after the excavation work.

The cost for Casting is usually made per bag. Mixers may charge N800 – N1200 per bag of cement. 

So for Excavation and Casting, lets say 1 day

Marking out is the next thing that comes after foundation concrete is cast and allowed to set. Because the walls needs to rest on a firm platform, i recommend you allow this marking out to take place the next day when the concrete must have solidified.

Note: Marking out is done with tapes and builder squares. It is usually best handled by the Site engineer or the workmen since they’re more experienced on the matter. 

The marking out is usually followed by erection of walls (With Sandcrete Blocks).

It might take a few minutes to mark out. The aim of marking out is to ensure the walls are co-linear and not bent. But then where the site engineer made use of profile boards, marking out may not even be necessary since everything is so spell out to the understanding of a lay man.

Marking out and erection of walls to DPC Should be for 1 day.

Note: Marking out is followed by erection of block walls. Unless the engineer is to be paid for his daily supervision, the cost of marking out and pegging (Setting out) is usually included in his fees, you may buy him a few bottle of beer after the work is done.

Also Note: The price per block depends on the size of block. For 5″, charge should be N42 – N55 per block. This includes the cost of carriers and mixers too.

From Marking out to raising the wall to DPC level should not take more than a day unless there were insufficient materials or the dpc is higher than 4 blocks.

By Backfilling, you use earth materials to cover the outter sides of the building in order to ensure it does not fall. By filling, you import earth materials to fill up the inner parts of the building like rooms, kitchen up to the dpc level.

This can be fast if you are using mechanical means but if you are using manual labor, allow it to take 2 days. This is to ensure the filling is done properly without leaving voids within.

You can contract someone to do this or pay the workers per trip of sand.

This should be done after filling. It is very important. German concrete has much more advantage than we can ever estimate. It is only does that has lived in buildings where moisture emanates from under the floor that would appreciate what i am saying.

Allow upto 8 days for setting and curing of oversite concrete. Unless you intend to ignore it.

7. Erection Of Walls Continue

Erection of walls continues after filling. At this stage, the doors will be marked out, at a height 4 blocks after the doors, windows will be set out too.
Now from the dpc to the windows should be done in 1 day but this depends on how many workmen you have on site. It could take 4 days if you are using just 1 lazy workman on site.

Now when it gets to the lintel level, must bring the carpenters on site to do their thing.

To raise the walls to lintel level, allow 3 days

8. Lintel Level

Lintels are beams too. They require the special hands of an experienced carpenter.

Materials for Lintel

What materials do you need for lintel?

in lintel, you’ll need materials such as 
1. Wood, 
2. Nails, 
3. 12mm reinforcement bars, 
4. 8mm links, 
5. Binding wires, 
6. Granite
7. Sand
8. Cement
9. Water

the carpenter would need a day to do his thing, casting takes 3 days. Aside from the carpenter, the iron bender will be on site too.

so for lintel work, allow up to 4 days.

9. Last 2 Courses Before Roofing

The last 2 courses that comes after the lintel work can be done in 1 or 2 days. But this is not the case if you have a gable in place.
Gable usually takes time since the workmen are very careful in working up there.

So allow 2 days for if you have no gables
Allow upto 5 days if you have gables

For roofing to take place, i usually start buying my materials (wood, nails, roofing sheets) while the workmen are struggling with the gable or last 2 courses. This allows me great time to do my estimation and get supplies from the wood seller.

Now in roofing, the rafters, noggings, Purlins have to be installed by a team of experienced carpenters that are ready and willing to work.

Allow 3 days for better work

After that 3 days, allow another 3 days for installation of roofing sheets. I am specifying 3 days if you’re using Aluminum roofing sheets, but if you’re using stone based roofing sheets, allow upto 5 days.

11. Plumbing work

The plumber would need at least 4 days to do his thing around the building.  His work starts as soon as the roofers are done. Allow him 3 days

12. Electrician

For Conduit wiring, the electrician can work the same time with the plumber. so, allow him 3 days but then ensure his supplies are in accordance with his quotations so he doesn’t use  2.5mm wires where he’s supposed to use 4.5mm wires ( I have seen where this happened)

As the electrician and plumber work on site, contact the Alumaco man, start buying your doors too. The alumaco guy can complete his work within 3 days but count this not since he will be using the same days used by the plumber and electrician.

14. Welder

The welder should be contacted the moment  you start buying tiles. In fact, in a situation where your building is located in an open place, you’ll need security for your materials so the moment roofing guys are done, contact the welder for your burglary fittings. It can take him 5 days to prepare everything if he has a good number of apprentice in his workshop but this should never be your worry.

15. Tiling

Tiling can start with the floor tiles. Ensure the electrician is done with his job before you bring in the tiler. Ensure the plumber is on site while the tiler works in case some pipes are broken during adjustment works.

Allow upto 4 days of the kitchen and toilet walls are recieve full tiling, but if just the floors and half walls, then 3 days should be enough

16. Plastering/ Rendering

Plastering or rendering as its professionally called may take up to 5 days if you have a small number of workmen on site. But if you have access to my brothers from Togo, rest assured, you can have this done after 2 days. lol

Painting can commence after rendering. Allow him upto 4 days.

Well, you can put all these together in order to know for sure how long it takes to build a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria. Ensure you’re not over charged. Ensure you’re using the best man for the job and ensure you get the best job quality too.

I Wish you success in everything you have planned already
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