Where Can I Buy Genuine Piece Of Land In Warri, Nigeria

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Today in Building Contractor Secrets, I want to talk about where you can buy a genuine plot or parcel of Land in Nigeria.

Because I reside in Delta State, one of the oil rich states in Nigeria, I would be using This state as a case study.

There are many reasons why you’d want to buy a plot of land in Nigeria, one of the most important reasons is that Land appreciates more in Nigeria than any other part of the world.

Also, its quite cheap and could be used for anything you desire. Another reason why you’d want to invest in land is that it has a higher return of investment.

So Where Can I Get a piece of Land In Nigeria?

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You can purchase a plot of land just anywhere in Nigeria provided you have the cash to buy it and a very important use for it.

Here in Delta State, Nigeria, you can buy a good piece of land at a very cheap price.

Please bear in mind that the price greatly depends in the location of the piece of land.

For example, if a piece of land is located along one of the major road, its cost will be higher than that located deep down the bush.

Another example, plots of land located in built up areas are considerably considered hot cakes, so they’re quite expensive depending on the area, but they won’t be as expensive as that located along the major roads.

Who Can I Buy A Piece Of Land From In Delta State?

If you’re deciding to buy a genuine plot if land in Udu area of Delta State, Nigeria, then you’ll be at a safer hands to contact a credible Agent.

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Also becareful because there are a lot of frauds out there that’ll only just play a game on you and your money.

What Dimension Of Land Can I Get?

Nigeria is a country where lands are measured in feets…

In some areas, you’ll get 100ft By 50ft as 1 plot, in other areas of Delta, You’ll get 100ft by 100ft as a plot (this is common in Asaba Area of the state)

But in Udu Local Government, you’ll Get 100ft By 50 Ft as a plot and the price like I’ve said before depends in the location.

Do You Have Some Plots Available For Sale?

Of course Yes, we have a lot of land space available for sale. No matter the number of plots you want, we stock it all.

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All you need is use the details in the contact page and we’ll be ready to assist you purchase a genuine plot of land in Delta State Nigeria.

What Price Is A Plot Of Land In Nigeria?

Once again, this depends on the location if the land. A plot if land located along the express way or major road could cost up to 30 Million Naira…

For undeveloped areas, you can get as low as #450,000, #800,000 and so on.

Just Use the details on the contact page and I guarantee you’ll get a fair deal and have a plot of land that is secured for you only here in Delta State Nigeria

That’s all you need to know about how to buy a genuine plot of land in Delta State, Nigeria.

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