Tiling: What Types And Sizes Of Tiles Do We Have In Nigeria

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The use of floor tiles has gradually taken over the former tradition of cement floors or concrete floors used way back in 1990s, Now it would be very important to understand the materials used in making floor tiles as this would help you understand the best one to use

Floor tiles are made from a collection of materials which ranges from clay, stone, quartz, terrazzo and metals. Each of these materials possesses their own unique strength and this makes it easy to know the best area of application.

The most commonly used or most popularly used tile in nigeria is the ceramic or the natural stones.

Having know the various types of materials used in the manufacture of tiles, lets now understand the best places for the use of these tiles.

Entrance, Lobby, Hallway: These are the most important areas of the home requiring a lot of designs since they’re the first view if your visitors and so i think it would only be best if you leave a grand, lasting mark or design. This design should also be easy to clean as well as offering appealing colors for the visitors. For the lobby, entrance and hallways, i will recommend the use of specially designed tiles, astonishing shapes and colors are desirable qualities for tiles used on the entrance of the building. Natural stones are best option since they are always able to resist wear and tear.

Kitchen Floors: Sometimes, things fall on the kitchen floor, so the floor is prone to waer and tear. I will recommend ceramic tiles for all kitchen floors since they’re able to offer a much better resistance than other tiles. They are also cheap and readily available.

Bathroom Floors: For this area of the home, you’ll need tiles that are able to offer beauty and easy to maintain too. You wouldn’t want to take on colors that are very hard to clean so i would recommend Porcelain Tiles for your kitchen floors

What Sizes Are Available for Floor Tiles?

For wall tiles, the most common sizes in the market today are:

400 x 400
300 x 300
600 x 600
300 x 300

These are the most easy to find sizes in the market today.

Supply Chains of tiles in Nigeria

In the Nigerian market today, we have products from China, Spanish, Italian and others. The product and quality also determined the price.

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