How to Start and Complete your Home In 2022

The year 2021 was such a great one for everyone. It was so great that the only thing to say is “Thank God for making it possible for me to see another year”. This is because living in Nigeria, our life rests in the hands of God. He’s the author and finisher of everything.

So if you’re reading this, I’m just wishing you a very great and beautiful 2022 and I hope it’s your dream and determination to kickstart your building project this new year which is why I’m sharing how to start and complete your home in year 2022

Steps to start and complete your home in year 2022

We will highlight some of the steps you must take to start and complete your home in year 2022 below! Please feel free to print this page or recommend to friends as well!

Buy That Plot!

Assuming you’re yet to buy a piece of land on which your building would be situated, then I’m urging you to make that decision and buy the plot. Buying that piece of land is one of the many bold steps to start and complete your home in year 2022.

This automatically makes you a landowner, qualified for loans as it could be used as collateral but because you’re building on it, you might want to be sure it’s located in an area where other houses already exist unless you’re going to have to wait till others start building before you start yours. If you finally Buy a plot of land in Nigeria, remember to Fence it completely to prevent encroachment by troublemakers!

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Hire An Architect.

If you’ve bought a piece of land or have one already, then step one above might not apply to you, but I’m sure you’re yet to hire an architect.
An architect prepares schematic drawings. These are aesthetic drawings showing the pictorial view of what your building would look like.

These drawings are very important as it is the only document with which the engineer communicates when you’re not around to point things out
Hiring an architect shouldn’t be a struggle. Reaching us via WhatsApp, we’ll provide you with a good number of reliable architects. They’ll design and in most cases execute the project since they’re graduates of civil engineering technology like myself.

Start buying the necessary materials

Depending on how ready you are to kickstart your building project, I will in this section mention a few things you might need to start setting our funds for.

Sharp sand: Sharp sand is required to mold blocks. Blocks are used to build the walls and if you’re new, I’ve written a few articles about molding blocks, materials required to mold 3500 blocks, etc. Find these useful.

Remember that Cement and sharp sand are highly required to mold your blocks (If you chose not to buy already Molded blocks), so buy them in batches and ensure your job is strictly supervised to avoid losing your materials to thieves.

But how do you mold blocks when you don’t even know how many blocks that is required for your project? Well, you’re right on this platform where everything is written for you. Check out my other post “How many blocks are required for a 3 bedroom flat“. It explicitly teaches you how to estimate the number of blocks required for your building project.

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Hire only the Best Hands

Hiring only competent hands is another great thing that must be done for you to reach your goals in the new year. Teaching you how to start and complete your home in year 2022 won’t just help, i must remind you a few things too!

I understand a lot of my readers who live abroad encounter some difficulties when hiring builders. Others have been scammed by family members or whatever but you see, there is something I always recommend when it’s time to hire a builder.

“Ensure he has a license, recognized and has enough experience to execute your project without wasting your resources” also remember “Do not use family labor unless he’s signing an agreement to execute the project as planned and financed by you or face a legal action”

Hiring an honest, experienced, and licensed civil engineer would do you a lot of help. He’s going to execute the project based on the right standards and would charge only as specified by the regulatory body.

Don’t forget, buy everything in Batches

You’re just building for the first time? Let me shock you! Do you know your contractor thinks you have all the money in the world? For this reason, you want to be cautious when buying building materials.

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If he specified 4500 blocks, please start with 2500 blocks. Once that is almost finished, mold or buy more and continue to do this till the block phase is completed and maintain the same habit till you’re done with the project.

Don’t forget to Reserve some Money for yourself. As you’re building your home, remember you have fees, feeding, and other necessities to spend on, so try as much as possible to spend wisely so you don’t end up spending all your money on building your home only to end up starving.

Plan with what you have at the moment and be sure there is more coming (Business, Job, investment, etc) as this is the best way to achieve your goals.

Conclusion: How to start and Complete your New Home in 2022!

Building your home in the year 2022 would be one of the very big steps you could take as a human and i would encourage you not to be scared because it would be very easy if you know and understand the process, have the right team of builders as well as supporters who share the same dream with you.

Feel free to reach the author whenever you encounter a puzzle along the way!

Happy New Year to you all! May the new year bring us good tidings!!!

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