What Is Plain Cement Concrete And Where Is It Used In Construction?

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In order to answer this question, i would like to categorically make it clear that PCC Stands for Plain Cement Concrete while RCC stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete. While i explain the difference between this two, i’ll like to make it clear that you may encounter some funny words as you read this post. lol

Now, let me make this clear for us all. Just read slowly while i explain the difference between PCC and RCC.

What Is Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)?

If you’ve ever witnessed the construction Beams, slabs and columns, you’ll notice there exists a series of high yield steel bars placed in a mould or casing after which concrete was poured while in the molten state.

2 way spanning slab image
Image 1: Showing Reinforcements shortly before casting of concrete

Now this is what is called Reinforced Cement Concrete.

It becomes reinforced because the high yield steel bars embedded in the structure are good in tension. Because they are good in tension, they therefore makes it possible for concrete which ordinarily is weak in tension to be able to withstand tension.

Now the kind of concrete described above is referred to as Reinforced cement concrete or RCC.

Now lets talk a little about PCC.

What Is Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)?

PCC as i pointed out in paragraph (1) above simply stands for Plain cement concrete.

Image 2: Laying Plain Cement Concrete

Now Plain Cement concrete or PCC is applicable in floors. You see that stage of building construction where the floors are constructed?

Yea, during this stage, high yield steel bars are not used. Lets just mention Over site concrete.

During the laying stage of over site concrete, you do not usually find steel bars used in the system.

Now that is what a plane cement concrete is.

Where is Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) used in Construction?

This means you’re simply asking for the uses of pcc right?

well, If You’re a builder or an intending builder, you’ll begin to see the use of plain cement concrete when your building has reached the pavements stage.

PCC is used for

Making Pavements
Basement Floors In Residential homes
water retaining structures
Tennis courts
Basket Ball courts
Coping (For parapet roofs)

Now Lets see some other interesting facts About Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)

1. Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) losses its strength in the presence of excessive loading. At this point, there is no warning signs

2. Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) has this weak characteristics in the presence of tension.

What Materials Are Required To Make Plain Cement Concrete?

In order to make a Plain Cement Concrete (PCC), you’ll need the following materials:

1. Cement
2. Water
3. Fine and coarse aggregates

Well, there are several other interesting things you’ll love to know about this PCC or plain Cement Concrete, ride along with this few, with time  i’ll update this page for your sake.

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