Investment: 6 Better Ways To Invest Your Money For A Long term Profit

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Today i want to talk to you millionaires and Billionaire living in Nigeria, even if you live outside Nigeria, this is a post for you since i know you also make some good cash (If you weren’t making a good cash, you would not be searching for this on google). On this post, you’ll be learning about how best to make good use of your millions, How to Invest your millions wisely. I am also sure you will learn how to invest in Real Estate Also as its all i will be talking about in this post.

So if you are wondering how best to invest in real estate, i am going to give you a few idea on ways to do so and best places to be looking at. That is what a good Building Contractor does right? Yes! Its what i will do even though i know some would frown on the idea

If you have a few millions to spare, the following are ways to make more millions and if possible become a Billionaire within a few years if you are determined and good in business too. Its 6 ways to invest your Money for a Long Term Profit

1. Buy that Old and Abandoned Petrol Station If it’s On sale: This is a quick way to add a few millions to your million. Its probably the owner made no profits and so decided to shut it down or he can’t run it anymore or the facilities under are worn and therefore requires a replacement. Now if you buy such a thing, you’ll be left with 2 options

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a). Repair everything, Rebrand it and resell to NNPC or any other marketer with a higher bid. You’ll definitely gain

b). Break it all down and sell the empty land. Since it is located within a very good spot in town, others who would want to build plazas or hotels could take it up and build something nice there.

2. Buy A Parcel of Land in a nice spot and mount a Plaza or a block of shops. If you have the cash, look for a good piece of land at a strategic position in town and mount a good block of shops. If it’s at a good spot, many would pay any amount to have a shop there. That a recurring income for you right?
You’ll be smiling even when you’re old since the rent would be your kind of Pension only that its not from FG and you won’t have to stand on the queue for it.

3. Build Event Centers:  Yea, Nigeria is getting better. The days of Canopies and Booths are fading out and so is the days of looking for where to host a wedding reception.

Now if you have that interest,you could buy a good plot of land along the road or at a very good spot and mount an ultra modern structure that would serve as an even centre. A lot of people are looking for such places and would pay whatever you charge provided the place has all they need. You could even add chair rentals too.

All na income.

4). Real Estate Investment: You could buy old and abandoned buildings, especially those in very bad condition. The idea is not really on the old building but the land space. An old building would definitely sell at a lower price than it would if the building was still new and in good condition. Now when you buy such a building, you could break everything about the building and sell the piece of land or develop something better.

You could also invest in land properties which involves all I’ve mentioned above. A plot of land you’ll buy at 550,000 when the area is quite Bushy could sell for millions the moment others begin to build and erect their mansions. I’ve seen where a plot of land bought for N250,000 was later sold for N14m.

That’s 56 times more profit right? Real estate pays.

5). Buy Old Businesses Rebrand And Sell: Yes, this is another way to make more millions, i do not know if it does exist in Nigeria though, but i know there some business men in other countries who do it.

They buy old and dying businesses, rebuild and rebrand and finally, they sell these off with a lot of profit for their investment.

Its a bit related to 1 above, but 1 is only directly faced at Petrol Stations and that’s the difference but here, i am suggesting you look at those businesses that are dying for one reason or the other. It could be lack of finance, expertise and several other reasons.

6). Build Residential Buildings: This is one reason some rich men exist in Lagos state. They own so many mansions that you wouldn’t even know. They collect their rent every year and mount or build more

You don’t even need to have millions to be a millionaire, sometimes you need just a few hundreds of thousand.

You can also invest in Student Hostel, Hotels, Private Schools, etc

I hope you understand sha

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