Latest Construction Skills For Every University Graduate

The young man you’re seeing is a craftsman.

Today he made over #10,000 just fixing keys to doors in one of the sites I’m managing.

The other day, I met a graduate whom I paid #8,000 for some odd jobs.

And that’s how they make their money.

On another site, I have Mr Pedro who has been contracted to handle all tiling jobs for the entire building.

Its a block of 5 flats, he’s going to fix tiles all around the building. Guess what his pay is?  He’s gonna earn some #210,000

I asked Mr Pedro how long its gonna take him to complete the job, he promised to hand me the keys in 5 days.

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So in 6 days, Mr Pedro would have earned 210,000 for himself, I supply the water he needs, I provide all the necessary materials needed for the job.

He’ll earn #210,000 for the things he can do with both his hands, all he came with was a tape and a piece of paper, he’s also currently on site, but the most Important tool he wields is his cutter, spirit level, a Pincer, chisel, shovel and his working clothes.

Now this is why I’ve been saying you’ll earn more when you have more skills than a degree.

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The guy on the pics is an ND Holder, today he made some #10,000 tomorrow I will use him again and pay him almost the same amount.

Adding that up, he would have made some #20,000 in 2 days. How much does an average worker make in a month?

Some white color jobs won’t even pay you up to #85,000, yet its what we read for, fight for, drink garri for, we even sleep under the cold wind at night just to grab this certificate.

To me, I think vocation is still the best no matter what. Even if we’re gonna be offered some paper called certificate, let’s also bag some skill along with the degree.

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Degree is good, but you’ll earn more with a skill. The white people that are guarded with 4 armed men, carried on a fully air conditioned hilux, treated like some god don’t even have a degree.

They’re white, yes but all they have is some 6 months certificate on a particular skill.

Let me go an bathe now, work was fine today
I hope you learnt from all these?

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