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To the average stranger, Baltimore is all about the ravens, Orioles, the wire, etc. But if you are an Original, you’d agree there is more to Baltimore than speculated and today, just before going full-on Baltimore lawn care services, I’d like to let you know the city is too busy for anyone to want to dedicate his Saturday for some Baltimore county grass cutting. Assign some lawn care experts to do this while you enjoy the city at large.


First of all, it’s a city with a lot of art scenes. Rolling stone once ranked Baltimore the best Music scene. It’s a city loved for its great number of free music festivals.


If you are new to Baltimore, I am glad to let you know it’s a city filled with a lot of history. For a start, no author or historian would ever complete a piece of work on Spangled Banner without bringing it to Baltimore County. Let us not talk about Fort McHenry.


Do I remind you of the monuments standing all over the city? Old Industrial Buildings were refurbished into office spaces. Baltimore is just a county filled with a lot of history, this you’d notice once you take a stroll around the roads.


So, if you’ve just moved in or bought a new property in the county, we’re here to help you enjoy the city. here you’ll find a list of professional lawn care services in the city of Baltimore.


Do not forget Baltimore is one of the many counties in Maryland state of the US.

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Baltimore Lawn Care services


On this page is a list of professional lawn care service providers in Baltimore county. This list is important for everyone within the county because it is not always easy searching through directories, trying out numbers that may have been assigned to new owners, so we take the stress to sieve through and sort the most active lawn care service providers in Baltimore as this would ease you some stress and help you achieve your grass cutting tasks with ease.


Best Baltimore Lawn care services


Dun Rite Lawn Maintenance LLC

With over 69 user reviews and a 4.9-star rating on their google business profile, Dun Rite Lawn Maintenance is here to serve your lawn the way you’ve never seen before. The company according to the owner has continually provided lawn care services for the last 3 years and always leaves customers ordering more, recommending to others as well.


Dun Rite Lawn Maintenance LLC offers services such as Lawn care, Lawn Aeration, Mulch and flower bed rejuvenation, etc.

Contacting Dun Rite lawn maintenance is easy. Just dial the Company mobile line on +1-240-712-8783


Let us see another wonderful Baltimore lawn care service provider below!


Edward’s Lawn & Home

Edward’s Lawn & Home is a landscaping cum lawn care company. With over 7 years of experience in the lawn care business, you’re certainly going to get the best hands caring for your lawns.

Edward’s Lawn & Home prides with over 98 positive reviews on their google business page, rated 4.4

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As one of Baltimore’s best lawn care companies, Edward’s Lawn & Home is trusted by many. The company is located at 3607 Tulsa Rd, Baltimore. Their services include: Lawn mowing services, Lawn care, Yard cleaning, and pruning, etc


Edward’s Lawn & Home can be reached via +1 240-712-8783 or +14433416539


Bio Green of Baltimore 

No matter how large the list, it can never be complete without Bio Green of Baltimore. This is one of the most active and favorite lawn care service providers for Baltimore residents. 

for Bio Green of Baltimore, it’s been a 5 year period in the business, rated 5.0, and enjoys 31 user reviews on google, it is therefore very necessary to say you won’t go wrong having Bio Green of Baltimore handle your lawn one of these days.


Located at 3214 Willoughby Road, Parkville, Bio Green of Baltimore is ready to meet your lawn care needs.


Services by Bio Green of Baltimore Include Lawn care, aeration, lawn seeding, lawn fertilizer application, insect, weed, grub and disease control, etc.


You can quickly order Bio Green of Baltimore’s services by dialing their direct phone +14436159882.


Grass Monkey Lawn Care

As we keep researching on best lawn care services, Baltimore, we keep stumbling on more gems. Well, while touring the county, I found Grass Monkey Lawn Care on the other side. It is another wonderful lawn care company in the county and their service charge is quite affordable.


With Grass Monkey Lawn Care, your lawn is surely going to get that look it deserves. Pruning, Lawn Mowing, Lawn Seeding, Mulching, etc are services offered by Grass Monkey Lawn Care.

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Contacting Grass Monkey Lawn Care is easy, just dial their company line +1-443-453-3735.


Organic Lawns

Organic Lawns is yet another wonderful lawn care service provider in Baltimore. Located in 4800 Benson Ave, Baltimore, with over 25 years in lawn care business, having received over 80 positive reviews on google, rated 4.7, i am sure your lawn and whatever concerns it would be in the right hands while you go about enjoying your Saturday. Organic lawns is the right company for you especially if you live in the Arbutus areas of the city


The company offers services such as organic lawn care, Grub Control, Aeration and seeding, Lawn fertilization, etc.

Contacting Organic lawn care is easy. Just dial the company line on +14109959722


Conclusion: Best Lawn Care services In Baltimore

Still Confused about how to get the best lawn care services in Baltimore, Maryland? Well, just contact any of the listed lawn care service providers. They have been vetted to ensure there is someone out there to take your request. They have been recommended severally and the reviews turns out positive. I am sure you’ll get a good lawn care service!

















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