5 Best Lawn Care Services in Marietta Ga

Are you looking for the best Lawn care services in Marietta Georgia? Well, our list of 5 best Lawn care services in Marietta, Ga would provide you every detail needed to help you make the right choice. This is because we are a team of dedicated researchers, we keep a close tap and in some cases order the services of these lawn care companies, recommend them to others and wait for reviews.

Aside from our personal experience, we make the list of 5 Best Lawn care services in Marietta Ga based on reviews of others coupled with a few other factors that we won’t reveal to the world at large.

So here is a list of reasons why hiring the best lawn care services is important. We also understand what it means to be a professional lawn care expert and so we recommend only the best to our readers.

Best Lawn Care Services In Marietta, Ga

Please understand that the list of best lawn care services Ga contains only 5 of the best lawn care services in Marietta, Ga. These are highly reliable, trusted lawn care service providers in Marietta Ga.

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Here on this website, you get to know the names of the best service providers, their rating, popularity on google page using the number of user reviews and their location.


Giving out their location details makes it easy for you to determine how close they are to you. I think the closer the better in this case.


Best Lawn Services In Marietta, Ga


JL Lawn Care

JL Lawn Care has to be the first and the best because its been around for a while now and has serviced a couple hundred happy customers. JL Lawn Care is quite young with over 20 reviews as at the time of writing this. Currently enjoys 5 – star user ratings on google.

JL Lawn care can be contacted via +1 678-670-6540, their email handle is [email protected]

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The Grounds Guys of Marietta

The Grounds Guys of Marietta lawn care service is yet another Marietta’s Best lawn care service you need to check out. Their services include lawn maintenance, care, pest control, Mulching, Lawn seeding as well as sod installation. They are totally affordable and would go extra length to ensure customer satisfaction.

The lawn care company is rated 5 – star and can be reached via +16787375562


Xpert Lawns

If you are looking for an Excellent lawn care services that serves your needs, the Xpert Lawns would be one of the best lawn care services in Marietta Ga. They’re quite new but their expertise is topnotch as a few customers have made positive remarks about their services. Xpert Lawns is cheap and and can be reached on +17702400920.

Services offered by Xpert Lawns includes Irrigation system repairs, lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, Lawn Pest control, seeding, etc.

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The Company currently enjoys a 3.9 – star rating on their google profile


TruGreen Lawn Care

TruGreen Lawn care is another top shot when searching for the best lawn care service in Marietta Ga. The company even gives a 50% discount on your first application and offers variety of services including lawn treatment, soil amendment, tree and shrub services, etc. TruGreen lawn care can be reached on +18008388412.


Mannie Lawn Care

Mannie Lawn care has a long history of being prompt and efficient in handling lawn care. It is one of the most reliable lawn care service providers in Marietta Ga. With 5 star rating, the lawn care company managed by Mannie Charlotten is surely going to give you the best lawn care ever. You can contact Mannie Lawn care by Viewing their profile on Lawnstarter page

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