2 Important Alternative Job Search Strategies For Everyone

Dear Jobseeker,
It is with love that I write you this letter today. I see the effort you make everyday, stalking every job site and WhatsApp group available. Most of them have not yielded any meaningful result.
This morning, permit me to share what I consider alternative search strategies you should try.
1. Through referrals. 
Tell as many people as you can about your situation. Join groups in churches, your community, anywhere. Let people see that you need this job and you have potential. You are likely to get plenty referrals based on how people perceive you and become concerned about your situation.

If you don’t have connections, you can create one for yourself by joining and meaningfully engaging circles that can help you. Don’t keep your situation to yourself anymore if your effort alone is no longer enough.

A friend recently got a job just because she joined a gym, having heard about the kind of people who go there. She met someone who knew about vacancies in a top firm, and all she needed was a referral. She resumed already, making 6 figures from what used to look like a hopeless situation.
2. Use social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
Never be shy to tell people you need jobs. Target companies you love on Twitter and LinkedIn, sell yourself to them. You just might get lucky. We have seen a lot of people on Twitter who have used O jewa ka eng to sell their skills, asking for public help to connect them to prospective employers.

Over the weekend, I also saw a smart lady tweet at the CEO of a company, stating her desire to work with his company and the qualifications she has. It was clear that she had done her homework and it was no surprise when she got a positive response, not just from one but multiple employers – the target CEO inclusive.
LinkedIn is also a good place to target companies and HRs. Follow them, engage intelligently and plot your killer moment to pitch yourself to them. You are ten times more likely to get a look-in that through the sporadic application you do everyday.
Finally, it’s important for you to be smart about your applications so you don’t fall in the hands of scammers and GNLD time wasters.
Rule 1: Keep an inventory of all the companies and jobs you have applied for.
Rule 2: Never acknowledge an invitation to an interview for a job you didn’t apply for.
May your search be fruitful this week. Amen.
As written by Mr #Glowville
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