Reasons Why Stone Based Roofing Sheets Are The Best For You

stone based roofing sheets
Are you a developer, Building Contractor, Civil engineer with a lot of focus on Buildings? Would you want to know the several reasons why stone based roofing sheets are the best option out there? Well, search no more for guardianconstructors shall today highlight the several reasons why Stone based roofing sheets would be the best option for your clients.

Reasons Why Stone Based Roofing Sheets Are Used For roofing

Below is a good number of reasons why stone based roofing sheets are often preferred when it comes to roofing homes!


1. Stone Based Roofing Sheets Are Light

At only 1.5 pounds per square foot, Stone Coated roofing tiles are light enough to install over most existing roofs. Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of a messy tear-off!

They ease the structural burden on your home. Aluminum Roofing sheets can weigh as much as 10 pounds per square foot.

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2. High Performance Interlocking Design

Stone coated Roofing tiles resists driving rain, as well as high wind pressures.
Horizontal fastening, avoids the “pull out” problem associated with wind uplift and blow off of some roofing materials such as Aluminum roofing.
Individual panels interlock completely, systems have successfully tested against wind pressures over 120 MPH, and 8.8 inches of rain per hour.

3. Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel Base

Will not curl, cup, warp, split or break. Fire resistant, will not support fire, non-combustible.
Performance does not diminish with age. Stone coated roofing tiles continue to offer superior performance year after year. Stone based tiles do not absorb moisture.

4. It Always Present An Appearance That Is Distinct

Stone chip coating provides natural weathering and sound deadening qualities.

Resists fading. does not fade if only you have the original Stone coated roof tiles and not the inferior ones. Available in elegant tile.

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5. 50 Year Solid Warranty

Includes 120 MPH wind resistance. Low/No maintenance for the within the 50yr range. You can add yours if you’re a fan of the Stone Coated roof tiles.

 6. Eco-& Energy Efficient

If you are an environmentally – conscious homeowner, you will love a stone – coated – steel roof. Steel is one of the few truly green building materials on the market, because it is 100% recyclable. Steel roofing systems can be recycled an infinite number of times without degradation. Furthermore, because you can install a stone – coated steel roof over your existing roof, you will not be adding more construction waste to our over-burdened landfills
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