Causes Of Flood In Nigerian Streets. Richard’s Opinion

My Opinion On flooded streets…

Yes, its going to be rainy season soon. A time in Nigeria when almost every citizen has to walk about with umbrella, a time where people suddenly begin to locate their rubber sandals or slippers.

But I’ve decided to take a good look at the root causes of these floods especially in some developing areas of the country.

This time, you’ll understand even the landlord plays a huge role in ensuring the street is flooded, the site engineer, the citizens are all key players in this…


As a land lord, you know there is a canal through where run off water flows to the nearest valley or stream. But what do you do? You decide to sell it to one Yoruba Demon or an oil bunkered who buys and reclaim the valley by sand filling it a specified datum. This datum is probably higher than that of  the street and so when there is rainfall, the canal is blocked, the valley is not there anymore, the water which can never be stopped gathers and locates the next depression – the street.

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When this water gathers, it covers everywhere, even women going to church on Sunday will have to raise their white lace to the waist level or be soaked in the water.

You see yourself landlord?

Now What about the site Engineer?

You have a site, this site is located very close to the line drain (gutter) but you have a dumper discharge all its content across the drain thereby filling the drain which is designed to provide a free flow of water with sand or granite.

You gather your craftsmen to use the material (sand/granite) which they would actually use only those at the top and neglect the other ones inside the drain. Now what have they practically done?

They’ve actually blocked the pathway created to channelize water from the lower part of the environment to the nearby stream or valley or river.

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The effect? Flooded streets or roads

Aside from the landlord and the site engineer, we also have the Engineers. Yes those that design the drainage of a particular city. See you guys are either wicked or not willing to do as you learnt in Hydraulics and Fluid mechanics.

Maybe you all need to go and learn from those that designed the drainage systems in Onitsha, portharcourt. You fail to plan well before you begin to excavate and construct your sub standard drainage systems.

You forget that its best to channel the water to the nearby river or stream or valley. You also forget the things called sloping and you also forget to do proper analysis and ensure the principle of “Most Economical Section is strictly followed”.

You just excavate and cast. For your mind you’re an engineer. Let me catch you any where doing this first. I’ll make sure you loose your seal.

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Now you do this rubbish and expect water to flow when there is no slope Abi?

How will it flow when there is no slope? You think water is as dull as you are?

Now you see? You’re one of the major reasons why we have floods in our streets.

Oh please. Spare me that crap
Go and do as you’ve learnt and help build better drainage systems in order to leave a safer, efficient drainage system for people.

I will always ensure I leave a good slope.

Now the citizens nko?

You go and carry all your rubbish and pour inside the line drain abi?

For your mind now you’ve disposed these dirt’s very well…

Nonsense kee you dia….!

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