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UAE is the country of gold and business which includes tourism at its peak. Everything in its state tends to shine and spark which makes an impact in the world. UAE has a strong representation as a business hub in the middle east. Around the world, many companies tend to start their business and establish their giant companies in the UAE, for sustainable growth. But every business and company starts with your office. An office does not only include your workforce or your infrastructure but it is the base of many other factors. Many of us consider our offices, our second home as we spend maximum time of the day there. But the most important factor that affects our employees and the company’s productivity is office furniture.



Office furniture is a part of designing an energetic, efficient and healthy environment within your office. A good quality work appliance will make your employees motivated and will increase your company’s growth.

As of today every market is growing and expanding. As far as Office furniture Dubai market is concerned, many manufacturers are delivering their exclusive office furniture in Dubai.


Following are a list of top office furniture suppliers in UAE:


● Office plus


We at office plus, offer privileged and selected office furniture that leaves an ultimate impact on your clients and visitors. This certainly raises your brand image and organizational growth. Always spend wisely on work appliances as this is the most important asset of your organization. The best thing about office plus is that we offer customizable designs and that are ready in our warehouse in office furniture Dubai. While choosing office plus another benefit you can get is our prices, which are affordable by every sector of business. That will be under your targeted budget and will be complete as per your desire. That’s why we believe in efficiency and productivity in the complete range of office furniture Dubai.

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Our user-friendly website allows you to explore our complete office furniture range including exclusive collections. With just one click you can get your desired product on your doorstep. We have a complete stock of every category stored in our warehouse so that we can deliver it on priority. Office plus focus on creativity and aesthetic quality. Our delicate team of craftsmen design every item with keen observation and consideration. We have a competitive edge in delivering premium quality at reasonable prices. 


Services By Office Plus


● Quality Office furniture supplier

● Free design consultation as per your desire and office layout planning.


● Installation of Office furniture by our professionals.

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● Delivery all across UAE, Ajman, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Africa, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. 


● Express Delivery of office furniture in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. 


● Your reliable reception desk Dubai supplier


Some top worldwide office furniture manufacturers


Following are some leading office furniture manufacturers around the globe. 




Steel case is an American furniture company, selling its product commercially since 1912. 

It is on top of the furniture manufacturing list due to its remarkable operations and facilities. They are 

Delivering all across America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. 

Their specialty is in generating office furniture specifically for tech companies. They are acknowledged due to their unique design, systematic furniture, and building a workspace that includes technology tools. 



Herman Miller 

It is a giant commercial manufacturer, recognized for winning many awards. Their trademark is their innovative and eco-friendly product designs. They have been serving their customers for more than a century. Still, they are based in Zeeland. Some of their signature products include the Marshmallow sofa, Noguchi table, and Eames Lounge Chair. 



Urban Office

They have been manufacturing office work appliances since 2005 in the UK. They are recognized for their contemporary furniture designs. Bringing a revolution in designs and style. Their product range includes chairs, desks, and storage products. They offer customizable designs and structure adjusting as per your office. 

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 This is a private organization, operating their company from Holland, Michigan. They are selling their products in more than 100 countries and 650 dealers worldwide. Their product range includes power base, secrete, and Lim Lighting. 



They have been manufacturing work appliances for the last 76 years from Muscatine. Their revenue reached 2.20 billion in 2016. Their top product line brands include Allsteel, HBF, Maxon, and Gunlocke. 



A popular brand name in North America. Famous for their cozy and comfortable sofas, lift chairs, and sleeper sofas. Established back in 1927, currently located in Monroe, Michigan. They are well known for operating 3 segments consecutively. Including Upholstery Group, Retail Group and Casegoods Group. 


We at office plus offers our customers reliable and durable products, to make their every experience happy and pleasant. We believe in selling a long-lasting product which you can pass to your other generations. Offering complete guidelines for design, style, structure, color, and size customization. We distribute our complete collection of the best office furniture in Dubai.


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