Tutorial: Cost of Roofing 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria

cost of roofing 3 bedroom flat

So today i am talk about roofing sheets and the possible cost of roofing a 3 bedroom flat here in Nigeria. Before we start, i would like to first make a few things known to us all, and so i urge you to follow me as i unveil a possible roofing estimate slowly below

What Is The Function of a Roof?

The roof system functions as the primary sheltering element for the interior spaces of a building. Its form and construction should control the flow of water and also the passage of air and water, heat and cold. 
A roof must be constructed in such a way that it would be able to support its self weight and other external weights such as wind and snow and the weight of workmen fixing it.

This simply means we do no want to design a roof system that will fail the very moment a carpenter finds himself on top.

Selecting a Roof system

In Nigeria, a lot of new homeowners allow such things as trend and word of mouth push them into making a heavy mistake.

But as a determined individual, when your building gets to the roofing stage, a few things you must consider before choosing a roof system includes;


Durability and


You must ensure a proper consultation is made so as to ascertain the best suitable and effective system for your building and also ensure you do not fall in the hands of fraudsters like i see them on Nairaland

What Is The Cost Of Roofing 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria?

I see a lot of Nigerians, both home and abroad ask for estimates on Nairaland and the truth is most of them end up getting estimates that are very outrageous and totally wrong.

Funny thing is these estimates are often given carelessly!

Let it be known that the cost of roofing 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria will always depends on the roof pitch, type of roofing material used, roof design, the project managers and the location of your site.

How to Calculate the cost Of Roofing Sheets for 3 Bedroom flat

As an Example, i am going to estimate the cost of roofing sheets for a 3 bedroom apartment measuring L 12m by W 14m as attached below! Where L = Length and W = Width or wideness.

Cost of Roofing 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria
Note: This plan has a different dimension

First thing to do is to find the area by Multiplying both dimensions

Thus 12 x 14 = 168m²

Now Lets add some 20% to the total area as the Slope or Pitch of the roof

20/100 x 168 = 33.6

thus 168 + 33.6 = 201.6m²

Next, we measure the length and width of our chosen roofing sheet

It could be any of;

Cameroonian Zinc
Short or Long span Aluminium roofing 

We are going to assume The length of each roofing sheet to be used is measured 2.6

Lets also assume the Width is 1.8 meter

Thus, we multiply the dimensions to get the area of one roofing sheet

Thus L x B = 2.6 x 1.8 = 4.68m²

Now we know the area of each roofing sheet, we also know the area of the total area to be roofed

The next step is to Divide the bigger area (Area of roof) by the smaller area
(Area of each roofing sheet)

Thus 201.6/4.6 = 43.8 Sheets

It Therefore means we will be needing some 44 roofing sheets to cover the entire roof

Now we know the number of roofing sheets required for 3 bedroom flat

Lets assume after conducting market survey, we realized the average cost per roofing sheet is N1520

What we are going to do is Multiply the Number of roofing sheets by the average cost or cost of each roofing sheet

Thus, 44 x 1520 = N67,000

It therefore means the cost of buying roofing sheets for a 3 bedroom flat is 67,000.

Please bear in mind that this does not include the cost of wood, nails and labor charge.


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Do not forget that the cost and price were only assumed, it therefore requires that you conduct a good market survey before anything.

Ok, i have done my part. Now you know what it would cost to buy roofing sheets for your project and i think this is a very important aspect of roofing estimate. Thus, if your building meets these dimension and you are choosing zinc roofing sheet which i guess is one of the cheapest out there.

Feel free to contact me if you need a personal estimation for wood

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  3. Please, how much will it cost to roof my 3 bedroom flat measuring 15/14 meters. I want to use aluminum long span. Thank you so much.

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