Amazing Things About Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

When i write about septic tanks, i totally wrote with the average African home in mind but then i realized what we have back here in Africa does not always apply to other parts of the world and this is why i am going to share amazing things or facts about Precast Septic tanks

What are Precast Concrete Septic tanks

Precast Concrete septic tanks are septic tanks that have been constructed entirely with concrete outside the site where they are later installed. On Request, the makers or suppliers would move these to the construction sites where they are needed.

How many Chambers On Precast Septic Tanks?

The number of chambers depends on the use. There are septic tanks with no chambers at all, others have 2 chambers and others have 3 chambers. It must be known that the number of chambers usually determines the cost and quantity of solid waste that goes into it.

The design of septic tanks is usually carried out with these in consideration

What Are The Parts of Precast Septic Tank

Precast Septic tanks are usually designed with a lot of parts and these depends on the use or what they are designed for. Here i am going to talk about the most common parts of a septic tank

Inlet Pipe

The inlet pipe of a septic tank is that pipe that connects the waste from the house to the septic tank. An inlet pipe could be made with Polyvinyl Chloride usually referred to as PVC Pipes or chlorinated polyvinylchloride as prescribed by standards materials used for plumbing systems.

You can see an image of Inlet pipe connected to a precast septic tank below

Figure 1 Showing an Inlet Pipe (Source Google image)

The Inspection Port 

The inspection port usually located at the top of a precast septic tank. It is a part of precast septic tank that allows inspection officers determine how full or empty the tank is. The inspection port plays a very vital role in times of Septic tank maintenance

Outlet Pipe 

An Outlet pipe is located at the other end of the septic tank. In a case where a precast septic tank with multiple chambers are installed, the outlet pipe is the pipe at the other side of the tank.

Sludge Filter 

The sludge filter is usually found within the outlet pipe system. Its duty is to ensure only clear water goes out to the filtration or set of perforated pipe. The sludge pipe and outlet pipe are usually fixed at a height above the solid wastes which settles at the bottom

See Image for sludge filter below

precast septic tank sludge filter

The Chambers 

There could be a tank or a septic tank with 2 or 3 chambers. These chambers are also tanks. The function of these tanks is to aid filtration of solid waste as well as provide storage for as much liquid waste as the home has to give.

The Sealer

This is the top cover of a precast septic tank. It is the part that stops whatever is contained in the tank from escaping the surround environment.

Amazing Things About Precast Septic Tanks

There are several amazing things about Precast septic tanks. I will try to share as much as i can here.

They are Movable 

Precast Concrete septic tanks are motorable. This means that they can be conveyed from the manufacturing sites where they are made to the sites where they are installed for use


A precast Concrete septic tank is highly durable. This is unlike Sandcrete Septic tanks which are easily penetrated by ground water.

Easy To Maintain 

For sandcrete septic tanks, maintenance may lead to breaking parts of the tank however, with concrete precast septic tanks, maintenance is all about opening  the sealer and emptying whatever solid waste that is residing within. 

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4. Waterproof – To some Extent, a precast Concrete septic tank is water proof. This is because the pit is usually filled with stones to a certain depth before the tank is installed. These stones serves as capillary cut off during the tides so that ground water cannot seep through. 

See image below

Concrete Septic tank standing on stones

These are the 6 Major types of Precast Concrete Septic tanks and i am sure you enjoyed reading through. Please do drop your comments or suggestions below
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