Advantages Of Engine Vibrated Blocks Over Manually Molded Blocks

I know i once wrote a post on how to get solid blocks for your building construction and i recommended you to mold your own blocks. The truth is that there are more advantages if you actually have a good commercial block maker that uses machines to mold his…
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I will go ahead and talk about the advantages of buying an engine vibrated sandcrete blocks for your Project. The idea here is not to condemn the use of manually molded sandcrete blocks. The idea is making you see reasons why you must be tact in choosing your materials as a builder, contractor, client or consultant.

What are the advantages of Machine Vibrated Sandcrete Blocks over manually molded Blocks?

1. One advantage of machine vibrated blocks is that their surface is usually smoother and finer
2. Machine vibrates sandcrete Blocks are more compacted than Manually molded ones, This means that if the mix is rich, the machine vibrated blocks will have more strength than manually molded ones

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3. Depending on Time, The use of engines in producing sandcrete blocks actually means more blocks will be molded within a short time so it saves time.
4. It allows the proper monitoring of your blocks since the same mix ratio and quantity of water will be used for every batch
5. Where the mold is OK, Machine vibrated blocks are easy to lay since their dimensions are equal. This saves time for the bricklayers.
Note: You must ensure the right mix ratio is used, else, you’ll get a fine block with a lower strength which would increase cost since you’ll loose more of your blocks during placing and transfers

This is it on the advantages of Vibrated sandcrete blocks over manually molded blocks. I hope you found this interesting and insightful!
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